Coyote Meadows Redevelopment Concept Plan
Summarizes the community’s goals and open space concepts to inform future use decisions by the City of San José. (March 2018)

Ashworth-Remillard House History (video)
Larry Ames (December 2017)

Coyote Meadows Overview (video)
Larry Ames and Robert Braunstein (November 2017)

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful and Coyote Meadows Coalition (video)
Insights and Perspectives by the League of Women Voters (CreaTV, October 2017)

Recalling the Remillard-Dandini Company Brickyard (video)
Michael LaRocca and Larry Ames (September 2017)

Coyote Meadows Park — Brainstorming Introduction of California Native Plants

Patrick Pizzo (August 2017)

Coyote Meadows Use Zone Map (July 2017)

Coyote Meadows Existing Conditions and Stewardship Summary (June 2017)